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Egan-Managed Capital was founded in 1997 with an eye toward helping finance and support early stage New England technology companies. Our founding limited partners - the Egan family - co-founded EMC Corporation with a handful of employees in 1979 and were looking to help other small businesses realize their dreams of growth and innovation.


At EMC Richard Egan and his family helped guide the Company's extraordinary growth. Since going public in 1986, EMC, an S&P 500 and Fortune 500 company, has been among the most successful companies on the NYSE. EMC's storage products represent one of the key technology brands in the world today and they are among New England’s largest employers.


The growth of EMC has been a family affair. In addition to the leadership of Mr. Egan, several other family members have also played key roles in the Company. One of Egan-Managed Capital's Managing Partners – John Egan – spent nearly 17 years with EMC in a wide variety of executive positions. At various times during his career he had overall corporate responsibility for Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Customer Support. He is widely credited with building EMC's potent sales force since he was responsible for managing the achievement of the Company's sales goals for 54 quarters. He continues to serve an active role as a member of EMC’s Board of Directors.


Our initial fund – Egan Managed Capital I – achieved our founders’ goals by investing in a number of successful companies and laying the foundation for our two successor funds - Egan Managed Capital II (2001) and Egan Managed Capital III (2004). We manage $242 million in private capital from one of the most successful high technology families in New England and have made investments in nearly 40 companies. Our portfolio companies have created almost 2,500 jobs and we have coinvested with more than five dozen venture firms to date. We have been active investors in all of our companies; assuming supporting roles for the entrepreneurial teams we work with.