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IntelliVid | Cambridge, MA


IntelliVid: Intelligent software that boosts the effectiveness of video surveillance systems

The flood of video surveillance data in the world has become overwhelming, with more than 11.4 million cameras deployed in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, camera usage is growing steadily at 15-20% yearly.

Surveillance video data increasingly is stored on computer hard drives instead of analog tapes, resulting in a yearly doubling of density. This torrent of video data must at present be monitored by humans, either in real-time or post event (as with forensic use), to yield actionable information. More and more, loss prevention personnel and security managers are drowning in classic data overload, compromising their ability to fulfill their primary mission: reducing shrinkage and preventing harm to people.

IntelliVid's systems work seamlessly inside this rapidly growing and increasingly cumbersome CCTV infrastructure, making systems simpler to operate and more intelligent while enhancing the effectiveness of security and loss prevention personnel and increasing bottom-line returns.