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HighRoads | Woburn, MA


The world's largest employers - such as General Dynamics, Honeywell, IBM, Kraft, Staples and Boeing - choose HighRoads to gain complete control over their health care costs and compliance. With HighRoads' service, employers - for the first time -- have online access to benefit plan information and pricing, competitive benchmarks, and complete benefit supply chain management.

HighRoads has automated HR processes for more than 200 Fortune 500 employers along with over 700 of their vendors, consultants and outsourced administrators. HighRoads' powerful combination of technology and services enable employers to:


Control Costs
HighRoads helps employers control health care plan costs, limit the use of costly consulting and internal resources, and reallocate savings to improve employee welfare and improve company bottom line.


Control Compliance

HighRoads helps employers provide timely and accurate information, which is required by law, on employee benefit programs, reducing exposure and meeting compliance requirements.